Get involved

How You Can Help

 Let members of your community know about this website.  

Encourage professional artists to support this initiative.

Remember not everyone has internet at home, but the poor in the United States can download onto an MP3 player through their local library.

Use some of the free music for Feast, and let the community know if they like it, where it is available for free to download

Donate a fully loaded MP3 player to a new mother

Encourage amateur Baha’i musicians interested in putting the Baha’i scripture to music to contact me.  I’d love to collaberate with other amateur musicians.

Please help keep the site up to date.

Contact me download links are not working properly

If you find a downloadable song online not listed on this website please contact me.  I’d love to add it to my the site.

Donate your musical talents

Your generous support of your talent will help aid in the creation of more Hidden Words put to music

  •   If you play an instrument consider creating MIDI or audio files to aid in building a song
  •  Put the Hidden Words to music and put in a downloadable form on soundcloud.  Let me know so I can add it to this site.  To make the song downloable you will need to upload it through a DAW application such as Garageband, Logic pro, Soundforge, ect.  If you are unable to do this contact me and I may be able to help.  
  • The technology in DAW applications is really amazing and lends itself to collaboration.
  • Create MIDI files or complete songs to File share on this site to be used as building blocks for Baha’i music. 

If you appreciate my original music you could help by 

–    Adding vocal harmony to one of a new or existing songs, or singing one of the verses.  

–   I sometimes can write sections of songs but have difficulty writings music to tie them together.  If you have this time, talent and desire to help please let me know

If you are a musican and wish form a community of those wishing to collaborate

or if you are interested in collaberating with me, please contact me and share with me your vision

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